Demetrius Jackson

Filmed 11/08/19

Four Lessons I Learned as a Miami Hurricane

Listen to alumnus Demetrius Jackson’s journey from a childhood in Miami’s vibrant Overtown neighborhood to the classrooms and athletic fields of the University of Miami as he pursues a dream of playing in the NFL. Hear him reflect on major lessons he learned as a defensive end for the Miami Hurricanes and as a student of political science, and how those lessons are inspiring his next steps as an agent for change.

Demetrius Jackson
MA, Public Administration ‘19
BA, Political Science ‘18
Former Miami Hurricanes Defensive End

Demetrius Jackson is a native of Miami. He came to the University of Miami on a full athletic scholarship and was a talented defensive end for the Miami Hurricanes. But he was also known for his leadership off the field. Demetrius is a two-time winner of the Miami Hurricanes Football Community Service Man of the Year and received the ACC Top Six Award for Service. He is a double alum with a BA in Political Science and an MA in Public Administration. Demetrius served on The Student Athlete Advisory Committee for five years and was the only African American selected to serve on the ACC Autonomy board. Demetrius is now a public school teacher in Miami and he also coaches high school football.